New crumpled icons


"The specific relationship of the image that becomes reality, of reality that becomes an image, so that the image within reality becomes a montage of reality itself.”Ghirri

Chapter 1: Fresco madrileño

The project goal of the project "Fresco madrileño" is to evoke the communicative and persuasive power of the images that surround us in a European capital like Madrid. The aim was not so much to denounce a situation as to create a reflection on their power or not to influence our identity today. This is a work that took place in the historic center of Madrid, but that concerns in general what happens in today's metropolis and the relationship with the images we have today. The same images that surround us and we look with naive eyes, are the same that contribute inescapably to determine our identity. The advertising of a perfume not only offers us a product (the perfume), but insinuates in us the need to resemble the model that uses it.  The metropolises are the privileged place for this frantic dissemination of images:
"Five hundred years ago a normal person could see perhaps five hundred images in his life. (...) Today, in the space of just one day, perhaps we see five hundred images, if not more. (Ghirri) "

Here therefore, this saturation of images creates what we could call a "visual pollution".
The images that surround us have become the new icons of today's society.

The new points of reference from which, willy-nilly, conscious or unconscious, we redefine our social identity.

Instead of just photographing the whole image, which could be in a poster or in a advertising on the street, I decided to select a part of them, to re- create another image inside the previous one. To create a photographic image that reflects on another photographic image and its influence on society.
I decided to remove the proposed product from my frame and thus strip the image in question of its commercial intent. Only the image message remained, however, deprived of its reference context (the product).