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Room of dust







"There must to be a lot of dust in our eyes.
We try to see around,
but our gaze is always blurry"

The project: "Room of dust", is an investigation of Asia's identity today and its connections with the West. Beyond the widespread stereotype of Asia as an exotic place of calm, peace and happiness, there is a very complex reality, where the identity is not well defined. A state of mind where fear, tension and anxiety are part of the human landscape.

Asia is not just a physical place for me, it is also a symbol of the journey to the unknown, to our fears and secret desires, to the dark side of us, which we always try to keep away from light.  My images move away from reportage and live in a emotional and meditative states rather than focus on the descriptive function of photography. I started the project in 2010 and traveled to Asia many times until 2017

This photos are not connected with a place and a time but there is a subtle emotional thread, woven by beauty and at the same time there is an eerie and disturbing presence. This flux between beauty and disturbing content could play a vital role and allows a dialogue between the various shades of Asia.

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