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The songs of pomegranate 


The photographic project “Songs of pomegranate” is a journey through imagination and reality, in the territory of the Caucasus. A visual trip to discover that part of the world that has a foot in the Asia and another foot in Europe. This feeling of ambiguity, if on the one hand creates a unique balance in the culture of the place, on the other hand leads to a disorientation many of the people who live there. This land seems a unknown face, which communicates with the gaze and beyond any classification.

For others, it is like a face without a name; a place where identity is lost and traditions are unleashed under the sun of contemporaneity. The Caucasus is a balancing acrobat on the thread of tradition, on the point of falling over the overhang of his past. It is a geographical but also emotional place that yearns for its identity and dreams of stability that it has not yet had. Telling the story of the Caucasus means telling a rich and at the same time cruel story. A story that has carved the face of the people and has painted their horizons with strong hues with ineffable shades.

As I walk through these mountains, I lose myself in the faces of the children who light the candles inside the dark church.
Not far from the tourists that crowd the city center of Tbilisi, a young bride who runs aways from guests, catches my eyes. The white of his dress, stride with the colored lights of the nearby places for fun. In the dusty streets far from the historic center, a little boy with a bicycle captured my attention. He plays alone and smiles with the confident face of someone who knows what to do. He emanates freedom and at the same time desire to change.

For many people the Caucasus is like a beautiful bird with colorful feathers. They would like to put it in their golden cage, but he never gets it.

Sing me the old songs,
which play with the wind,
behind the doubt, 
in seven eights.
Sing me the songs of pomegranate,
yellow like the dry grass, 
purple like the fresh naked love" 
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